Alisa Dammer

Backend Developer, Data Engineer, ML Engineer

About me

My single biggest interest is data analysis. Most of all I am fascinated by neural networks and their usage in different spheres like image recognition, text classification and of course financial markets.

During my first bachelor I have gained a sufficient theoretical background in mathematics and statistics which allows me to work in scientific contexts without difficulties. During my second bachelor I have gained a solid set of programming skills.

In my spare time I continue learning new things: online courses (from technical courses to neurobiology, cause it's cool), new languages and tech (block chain and solidity were my recent adventure). I take part in GameJams quite frequently. I do not forget about the body and soul: sport, meditation and all in all healthy life style is a must.

I am an easy going person able to work in a team as well as alone. Self-organization is not a foreign concept for me. In my daily life I use ToDo-lists and even Trello.


  • Programming languages (skill descending order): Python (Flask, uWSGI, pytest, a bit of AsyncIO), Java (Dropwizard, Hibernate, Java8), R, JavaScript, Lua
  • Markup languages: HTML, CSS
  • DBs: SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, BigQuery, ElasticSearch, Redis
  • Financial data analysis: regressions, statistic tests, machine learning (sci-kit, statsmodels, pandas, numpy)
  • Text processing: simple ML (SVM, trees, naive bayes, RegexNER, LDA) with nltk and sklearn, NN with tensorflow, numpy, pytorch
  • Data visualization: d3.js, matplotlib, ggplot, plotly
  • Game development: python sfml, lua love2d, javascript with phaser.js and panda.js
  • Additional technologies: git, Atlassian tools, Slack, Asana, Trello

Additional Skills

  • Natural languages: Russian (native speaker), German (fluent), English (fluent)
  • Graphic design: krita, gimp, photoshop, darktable, aseprite, inkscape


Gymnasium №3, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation (1997-2007)

Novosibirsk State University, Economical Department, Economics (2007-2011)

The bachelor thesis consisted in proving that classical portfolio models are ineffective on modern Russian stock exchanges. Thus I suggested an adopted approach for choosing the portfolio for a private investor.

University Hamburg, MIN faculty, Information Systems study (2011-2015)

The goal of my second bachelor thesis was to check what language is more suitable for an econometric task written on the beginner level. Python and R were chosen for comparison, since these two languages are heavily used by both scientific and non-scientific communities. To answer this question I have written two identical Programs (with respect to the language's features and idiomatic style) in Python and R and have run performace and memory usage tests. I have also compared subjective usability (ease of use, documentation quality, community) of the langages.

Professional Experience

Everbase AG (2015-05 – 2015-08)

Working student, Graphics manipulation, design

Eversolve(2015-08 – 2016-01)

Working student, front end developer (Angular.js, Bootstrap, JS)

Joblift (2016-04 – now)

Fulltime software developer (mostly back end development and text classification via ml and standard approaches. Java, Python, ES, SQL)

Some more

Europython 2017, Speaker

A 30 minutes presentation on the very basics of a short-text classification starting from 4:36:00

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